Hitch Insert By Make 662

These are some of our most popular inserts. Officially licensed Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge and Jeep logos. This is a must have item for anyone that owns a hitch with a 2" receiver. Die cast hitch inserts fit in any 2" receiver. Prevent dirt and debris buildup. Enhance the look of your hitch''''s receiver.
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Part No Application/Body Style Years BUY NOW!
CR013 Holy Fish BUY NOW
CR134 Chevy Bowtie - Black BUY NOW
CR211 Ford Emblem BUY NOW
CR132 Chevy Bowtie - Chrome Trim/Gold Center BUY NOW
CR004A GMC Oval - Chrome BUY NOW
CR133 Chevy Bowtie - Black/Red BUY NOW
CR311 Ram Head Logo - Chrome BUY NOW
CR312 Ram Head Logo - Black/Red BUY NOW
CR004 GMC Logo - Square BUY NOW
CR006 4X4 Logo - Square BUY NOW
CR005 Jeep Logo - Square BUY NOW
CR090 Hitch Cover Adapter Converts 2" Cover to 1-1/4" Hitch Size. BUY NOW