Intimidator Intake 564

The Intimidator performance air intake is engineered to create Raw Horsepower. Not only does the Intimidator look cool it also increases performance on your Sport Compact Vehicle. Each kit comes with the performance chart showing increase from actual Dyno Testing Kit comes with a polished tube and Hi-Flo filter to push cool air into the engine. Easy Installation combined with an Extreme streamline look will make the Intimidator a perfect match for you Sport Compact's performance.
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Part No Application/Body Style Years BUY NOW!
151003K 90-93 Accord. Intimidator Intake Kit 1990-1993 BUY NOW
151004K Accord (4 Cyl.) Intimidator Intake Kit 1994-1997 BUY NOW
151016K Accord (DX Only) (4Cyl.) Intimidator Intake Kit 1994-1997 BUY NOW
151012K Accord (4 Cyl) Polished. Intimidator Intake Kit 1999-2005 BUY NOW
151014K Accord ( V6) Polished Intake Kit 1994-2005 BUY NOW
151001K Civic (DX/XL Only) Intimidator Intake Kit 1996-2000 BUY NOW
151002K Civic (Except DX/XL) Intimidator Intake Kit 1996-2000 BUY NOW
151017K Civic (Except DX/XL) Intimidator Intake Kit. 1999-2005 BUY NOW
151011K Civic/CRX Intimidator Intake Kit 1988-1991 BUY NOW
151000K Civic/Del Sol (Polished) Intimidator Intake Kit 1992-1995 BUY NOW
151008K Prelude (Polished) Intimidator Intake Kit 1992-1999 BUY NOW