Slimline Pro-Off Road 879

Slim-Pro Series are high quality, rugged off-road lights housed in a Steel Titan finish designed with a Slim Trim! These are ideal for any vehicle with little depth space to spare.
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Lights Come As A Set
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Part No Application/Body Style Years BUY NOW!
1630NC 6" Round-Clear-Driving-55W BUY NOW
1630NW 6" Rd-Super White-Driving-100W BUY NOW
1630NY 6" Round- Yellow-Driving-55W BUY NOW
1735NC 7" Square-Clear-Driving-100W BUY NOW
1735NW 7" Sq-Super White-Driving-100W BUY NOW
1735NY 7" Square-Yellow-Driving-100W BUY NOW
1830NC 8" Round- Clear-Driving-100W BUY NOW
1830NW 8" Rd-Super White-Driving-100W BUY NOW
1830NY 8" Round-Yellow-Driving-100W BUY NOW