SUV Full Size-Sport Tent 979

Sports Full-size Tent New! Designed to fit all full and some mid size SUV's, minivans and trucks with caps. Designed Gear loft and mesh pockets for additional storage. Fully detachable sock so you can drive away from your tent site.
Vehicle Fit Chart:
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Part No Application/Body Style Years BUY NOW!
N-30951 Air Bed-Double:75 x 52 x 5 in. Fullsize BUY NOW
N-30950 Air Bed-Queen:78 x 60 x 5 in. Ex Wide BUY NOW
81000 SUV Full-size Sports Tent 10'w x 10'L x 8'h (See Fit Chart) BUY NOW
N-30954 Air Mattress Twin75" x 38" x 5" (compact truck) BUY NOW